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Throw Game Platform


2013, To Introduce Computer Science in One Day, The Throw Platform

Cohen, Joseph Paul and Ding, Wei and Boisvert, Deborah

2013 IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference (ISEC 2013), Princeton, New Jersey, USA


This paper presents an open source platform Throw [1] that is intended to be used for a one day event to increase interest in computer science as well as equip students with tools for self exploration. It is based on three years of hosting a one day event aimed at introducing computer science to 5-8th grade students. One major challenge in computer science education is fostering a commitment to learn (credit ball :source), that is powerful and engaging enough for a student to be able to utilize learned skills to turn their ideas into reality and drive them to pursue computing. We present a theory for what is necessary for an effective introduction to computer science as well as present survey results from the first trial of the Throw platform which encompasses this theory.


Individuals Involved

Joseph Paul Cohen, Matthew Ciampa, Wei Ding, Deborah Boisvert

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