Knowledge Discovery Lab


05/2013, KdLab PhD candidate Henry Lo has received the Randall Malbone Scholarship award of the Computer Science Department, UMass Boston.

04/2013, KDLab PhD candidate Henry Lo has been offered an internship in MITRE's data analytics group as a computer scientist.

03/2013, KDLab PhD student Joseph Cohen, awarded, 2013 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

03/2013, Wei Ding selected for funding, PI, $305,268, "Analysis of the Wet Chemistry Data From the Phoenix Lander Mission Aided by Machine Learning," NASA.

02/2013, Wei Ding elevated to the grade of IEEE Senior Member.


7/2012, KDLab student Joseph Paul Cohen was invited to attend GE Inaugural Student Research Summit.

06/2012, Wei Ding received a special service award from the International Society of Applied Intelligence, the 25th International Conference on Industrial, Engineering and Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems.

04/2012, Wei Ding received an NSF award for "Supporting U.S.-Based Students to Attend the 2012 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2012)."

03/2012, KDLab student Henry Lo received the the NSF EAPSI fellowship.

03/2012, Wei Ding received a sub-award for the DOE project "A Prototypical Ontology-supported Intelligent Geospatial Feature Discovery System (iGFDS) for Proliferation Detection"

01/2012, Wei Ding awarded, Pi2 mini-grant proposal for Women-In-Science is sponsored by the College of Science and Mathematics.


11/2011, KDLab student Jacky Yu has received an NSF student travel award to attend the conference ICDM 2011 to present his paper.

11/2011Wei Ding received a best research paper award at the 23rd IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI 2011)

10/2011, KDLab student Joseph Cohen received the student travel award to attend the conference ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS 2011 to present his paper.

07/2011, KDLab student Yang Mu has received two student travel awards to attend the conferences IJCNN 2011 and SSTD 2011.

07/01/2011, Our NSF proposal "Supporting US-Based Students to Attend the 2011 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM 2011)" is funded (PI Wei Wang, Co-I Diana Cook & Wei Ding)

06/27/2011, Our proposal to the UMass President's Science and Technology (S&T) Fund for the Collaborative Data Mining Center is funed in the amount of $110,000

05/18/2011, Spatial Data Mining Team (Max Ward, Jacky Yu, Priyanka Das) recevied a Research Symposium Prize

05/10/2011, KDLab student Joseph Cohen received Tanimoto Award

03/16/2011, KDLab student Joseph Cohen received UMass Boston Undergraduate Research Award

03/03/2011, hosted the memorial service for Bill Miller


11/2010, awarded, "Women in Computer Science Workshop" during Computer Science Education Week 2010, CAITE, UMass Amherst (with Deborah Boisvert)

11/2010, our DOE proposal was awarded (Co-Investigator with Project Scientist Robyn Hannigan).

11/2010, our proposal to the UMass President's 2010 Science & Technology (S&T) Initiatives was selected for funding (Co-Investigator with PI Hong Liu).

11/04/2010, received a service award at the ACM SIGSPATIAL GIS 2010.

07/29/2010, successfully hosted a one-day Tech Savvy Computing Camp at UMass Boston.

07/2010, our NASA outreach proposal entitled "Outreach: Crater Seeker for Mars and Beyond" has been selected for award.

07/08/2010, received a best paper award at the 9th IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Informatics.

05/14/2010, congratulations to Jue Wang to win third prize at the Graduate Symposium, Computer Science Department, UMass Boston

05/13/2010, congratulations to Jue Wang to successfully defend her Master's thesis.

05/03/2010, received the Best Overall PhD Work Award bewtween 2007 and 2010, Computer Science Department, University of Houston

Feb 4, 2010, congratulations to Max Choly for his award on the Undergraduate Research Funding at UMass Boston.

Jan 28, 2010, awarded, "Charting a new MAP: A Tool for Student Engagement, Learning Outcomes Assessment, and Retention," Program of Instruction Innovation, College of Science and Mathematics, PI, (Co-Is: Dr. Roger Blake and Dr. Bill Campbell).

Jan 28, 2010, awarded, "Women Undergraduate Mentoring Program (WUMP)," Program of Instruction Innovation, College of Science and Mathematics, PI, (Co-Is: Dr. Nurit Haspel and Dr. Betty O'Neil).

Jan 24, 2010, awarded, to attend the CDC/CMD-IT/CAHSA/AccessComputing 2010 Academic Career Workshop, March 5-7, 2010 in Houston, Texas.


10/14/2009-10/16/2009, Wei Ding attended and presented at the NASA AISR PI Meeting and CIDU conference on Intelligent Data Understanding

09/30/2009, hosted the first meeting of Women in Science (Co-Host: Dr. Nurit Haspel and Dr. Betty O'Neil)

09/11/2009, presented at the Teaching with Technology at UMass Boston (Host: Dr. Eleanor Kutz)

06/15/2009-08/26/2009, Visiting Scientist at the Lunar and Planetary Institute (Host: Dr. Tom Stepinski)

03/27/2009, selected for funding, $285,163 for 3 years, "Automatic Detection of Sub-Kilometer Craters in High Resolution Planetary Images," NASA Applied Information Systems Research (AISR) element of the Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Science.

03/13/2009, two internal grants awarded, UMass Boston Proposal Development Grant and Joseph P. Healey Grant


11/4/2008 - 11/7/2008, received a best poster-presentation award at ACM SIGSpatial 2008, Irvine, CA

April 2008, awarded, ISSO proposal "Computer-aided Detection of Sub-Kilometer Craters in High Resolution Planetary Images"