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Joseph Paul Cohen

Joseph Paul Cohen's Face Graduate Student + Entrepreneur
Research Assistant
Knowledge Discovery Laboratory (KDLab)

Location: Boston, MA


UMB CS website:

Bio: (as of 2010) Joseph has been in the Information Technology field for over 8 years. Holding positions such as System Engineer and Security Specialist at Boston University School of Dental Medicine on behalf of the consulting firm Liaison International for 4 years. Joseph has also supported hardware systems at the banking institutions Fidelity Information Services and Intercept Inc. Joseph currently works as a Software Engineer for Viridity Software. He has released software under the GPL such as App Installer

Joseph is working on a probabilistically guided backward randomized attribute selection algorithm. He is also working on cyber security education and cyber security applications of machine learning. Joseph started his Ph.D in 2011 after being awarded two REUs as an undergraduate. Joseph has worked on two NASA funded research projects which included planning a Mars Weekend event at the Museum of Science Boston as well as building a 3D interactive mars rover simulation game. Joseph worked in industry during his undergraduate as a system administrator, software engineer, and security specialist and continues to consult on a very limited basis.