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Book Name Author
Kernel Methods for Pattern Analysis John Shawe-Taylor & Nello Cristianini
Learning with Kernels Scholkopf Smola
Linux Kernel Development Robert Love
Image Processing, Analysis, and Machine Vision
Operating System Design Douglas Comer
Matrix Methods in Data Mining and Pattern Recognition
An introduction to Support Vector Machines
Leaning Kernel Classifiers Ralf Herbrich
Methematical Tools for Data Mining Dan A. Simovici & Chabane Djeraba
Computability, Complexity, and Languages  (2nd Edition) Martin D.Davis & Ron Sigal & Elaine J.Weyuker
Support Vector Machines
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
Introduction to Algorithms   (2nd Edition, 3rd Edition) Cormen & Leiserson & Rivest & Stem
The Elements of Statistical Learning
Fundamentals of the New Artificial Intelligence   (2nd Edition) Toshinori Munakata
Machine Learning - an algorithmic perspective Stephen Marsland
The art of computer programming (sorting and searching)  (2nd Edition) Addison Wesley
The art of computer programming (seminumerical algorithms)  (3rd Edition) Addison Wesley
The art of computer programming (fundamental algorithms)   (3rd Edition) Addison Wesley
the nature of statistical learning theory
Neural Networks for pattern recognition Christophor M. Bishop
Logic for Learning
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